Folks, I firstly want to say I appreciate all of the love and support you’ve given to SnK over the years. As a side project to Selkie, it’s been a fun ride to explore this world and these characters.

However, and given the sporadic nature of updates the last few months I doubt this will surprise some of you, but I need to announce a closure of updates to The Adventures of Sue and Kathryn.

I’ve been having a lot of trouble maintaining drive to work on it, due to dissatisfaction and due to some general time and energy management issues in other areas. I said to myself that I would try to bring the current Adventure to a conclusion before I made my decision and have been thinking on it for several months now, and cessation is where I’ve landed.

I may revisit the concept, world, and characters later. There’s changes, refinements, and rewrites I’d like to look at one day. But for now, I’m looking to reconsolidate some time and energy, and that means closing the book on SnK for now.

Thank you for your readership and support up to this point, it’s meant a lot. I’m sorry to be yet another unfinished webcomic on you all. But it’s just reached the point where this is the call I need to make for it.

Eventually I’ll probably sunset the website as a whole. However, before I do that I’m going to compile the comics somewhere, either in a PDF file to put up for download or (if it will fit), an imgur gallery so there’s a permanent archive somewhere. And I’m open to typing up an outline of what the intent/plans were for the rest of SnK, if anyone’s interested in at least seeing the rest of the intended story plan. Leave a note in the comments if this is something you’d like, and I can make the outline write-up part of the sunsetting package.

But for now, thank you, again, for everything. I’ll see you all on Selkie.