There were some questions about the nature of Charla’s attacks on Mister Fluffy in the last strip that I chose not to answer until I could have this bit up for reading. Just a few quick reminder links:

Mister Fluffy’s body is that of a stuffed bear, so shredding him or tearing him apart won’t stop him. He’s made of fluff, he’ll survive that. But being bludgeoned or repeatedly hit does cause enough discomfort to prevent him from using mind control, such as when we saw him being shoved into a dryer.

Mister Fluffy can not be harmed by magic spells, but only in this particular instance and only because he has currently linked his magic to Emily’s and can hold her hostage to prevent magical retaliation. However, while zombies and spirits are creatures of at least partial magic origin, punching hitting kicking or stomping does not transfer magical energy towards Mister Fluffy, so the aetheric backdraft holding Emily hostage is no protection from that.

Mister Fluffy is, after all, an evil wizard. And what’s Adventurer 101 for fighting Wizards? Bash their face so they can’t cast spells at you.