Thank you everyone for reading Mister Fluffy: God of Fire!

Before beginning the next Adventure, I have a little something different I’d like to do. I’d like to give a little info about the various races within the world of Sue and Kathryn, explore the worldsetting a bit. So I’m going to take a short diversion. The next few strips will be info pieces, in full color, about the peoples and cultures in the world. There will even be some sneak peeks at future characters…

*EDIT* So, after working on one of the info pieces, I’m no longer as certain that I want to diverge from Adventures to do extra info like this. It’s not quite as fun to do as I thought it would be, to be honest. Plus writing them out made me think of ways to fold the info into future storylines, which would be a better way to do it than ancillary meta posts. So I’m going to do comics as normal on Tuesday instead, but share the one I’ve done already as an extra piece.

See you all Tuesday!