Bonus time: There’s a deleted scene I cut for brevity’s sake where Cyril Carrotcake and the policeorc I never gave a name too discuss some of the legal facets of Sue’s current status (well, past status since this is a flashback, you know what I mean). I cut it to move the story along and get rid of some filler, but for those interested here’s the bullet points regarding the legalties of this situation:

* Feral zombies act on impulse and basic root behaviors, and really aren’t much more cognizant than higher animals. They have no self-awareness and can’t be rehabilitated or conditioned, so Ferals that kill and eat people are given treatment equal to a rabid dog that’s attacked a person. Put down without trial.

* Sue’s displays of low-level comprehension show that she is mentally above Feral, and can be rehabilitated to a fully Awakened zombie (one which has awareness of self and an understanding of social obligations, like Cyril or like the Sue of the present day).

* At this stage of her unlife, Sue is still semi-feral. She has basic comprehension but also has lots of animalistic tendencies. She can learn to rise above it, but her ability to understand social rules and laws is low. Regarding killing and eating people Sue’s real-world equivalent would be “not guilty by reason of insanity”. She DID the crime, but she doesn’t have the mental faculties to understand what she did. So she’d be sent off for further evaluation and rehabilitation to work her up to a level where she could rejoin society. Early-stage Awakening zombies are treated similarly: they aren’t imprisoned for life the way a cognizant murderer would be, but they are held in confinement until they can be safely released. If that doesn’t happen, they’re put down like Ferals to avoid more killing.