Special note! I apologize for missing my Sue and Kathryn update on Saturday. I had thought I uploaded it before I left town for the weekend, but apparently that was not the case and I did not realize my mistake until it was much to late.

HOWEVER, I have properly uploaded and back-dated the missed Saturday strip along with today’s installment, so if you will please click the back button or go here, you can see the missed update. My apologies for this happening, I’ll try not to slip up like this again.

Also, I’d like to make a quick note about the event happening in this strip: Kathryn being grabbed. Kathryn is a wraith, a spectral entity. However unlike typical spectral entities, she IS capable of being touched and physically impeded.

The real-world meta-reasoning is that in many of Sue and Kathryn’s earlier drafts, Kathryn had a whole suite of spectral abilities; phasing through walls, mind control, body possession, etc. But working on those early versions, I had trouble coming up with scenarios that posed any sort of a challenge to a co-protagonist with such a powerful skillset. I could have just written-in “anti-wraith fields” or something that de-powered her as needed, but really where’s the fun in that?

I decided I’d rather make Kathryn work at overcoming adversities instead of giving her a built-in easy out that would let her Sonic Screwdriver out of everything. So, she’s incapable of phase-shifting through matter or bodily possession.